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The Dawn of Shack & Secure Student Subleasing

College students everywhere deserve a new way to sublease - enter Shack.

Most large colleges and universities do not have the bandwidth to offer housing for even a minority of their students, so housing and apartment complexes come into the picture. These property managers and landlords know that students will stomach a full 12 months of rent even through there's a good chance students won't be around in May, June, July, and sometimes even August. Most students don't need living space for those months, but they do need the extra cash for that space. As a result, students end up subleasing their space: the process of unloading unoccupied rooms for extra cash.

Shack was designed with the student in mind to solve this problem efficiently. The most common response we get after asking students about their subleasing experience is how much time and effort they put into finding a tenant or vetting hosts to find a room. The answers weren't pretty, so we created a hassle-free, efficient solution that transfers students' housing burden to us.

Students never know who they are getting into bed when they sign a contract. And that's even if they sign a contract. Many students have so many questions, so little time, or so little knowledge about subleasing that they jeopardize potential rent to secure a subletter quickly. Not to mention finding a subletter, who knows if you will actually get paid!

Whew! We know that was an overwhelming paragraph. And if that was overwhelming to read, just imagine how overwhelming it'll be to find your next subletter. No need to worry - that's where Shack comes in.

Shack is the most efficient, secure, and convenient peer to peer subleasing platform on your campus. It solves all of your problems:

- The time it takes to find any subletter

- The hassle it takes to find a subletter that's right for you

- The contract process

- The lack of monthly payment reliability

- The the amount of trust in that subletter (all users are verified students)

- Most importantly: The housing flexibility and peace of mind you wish you had

Shack is a superior option to summer subleasing. But it doesn't stop there!

We designed this web-app with the goal of catering to anybody, not just students flocking out of their home towns at the conclusion of the last final exam, but also transfer students, early graduates, study abroaders, and hate-your-roomate(ers).

Looking for a specific type of roommate? Find her or him on Shack and move in!

Plans fall through with your current roommates? Find your backup plan using Shack.

Interning in a specific city during the summer? Browse our schools and live there.

High school student looking to live a full college experience for a weekend? Even that too!

Shack has a world of possibilities, and we hope that you can find your own way to join the community of students who now find subleasing easier than ever.





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