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What is Shack?

What does Shack offer?


Shack is the ultimate platform developed for college and graduate students looking for a place to live or looking to list their housing for sublease. Simply browse digs or list digs to get started.


Shack offers 6 unique benefits to users:


  1. Built with Students in Mind

  2. Secure & Trustworthy

  3. Convenient

  4. Streamlined

  5. Guaranteed Payments

  6. Nonstop Support


How does Shack facilitate trust on the platform?


Shack ensures that all of its members are students. Our system validates the .edu email addresses of each student before allowing anyone access.


I'm a host looking to list my place - how do I use the platform?

Navigate to List Digs

1. Select the availability of your apartment/house

2. Set a desired monthly rent

3. Upload pictures of your apartment or house

Shack will contact you when interested college students express interest

I'm looking for a place to live - how do I use the platform?

Navigate to Browse Digs

1. Find your listing using custom search filters

2. Confirm availability with "Ms. Shack" in the bottom right of your screen

Ms. Shack will ​​​contact you when your listing is ready


What does the price of the host’s listing include?


The price includes basic rent, utilities, and amenities. Guests can conduct transactions on the platform or PayPal. Guests avoid communicating with management/landlords. 



Do I have to pay a fee to list on Shack?

No. Currently, the platform is free to post listings for hosts and to search for listings by guests.



Does Shack charge a transaction fee?


Yes. There is a 10% transaction fee for hosts.  For example, a host would receive $450 on a $500/month rent.  Guests are charged a 3% payment processing fee.

Why does Shack not display the exact listing address?


For your safety, we do not share unit numbers or addresses until the transaction is confirmed. 


How do rent payments work? 


After the booking is confirmed, guests will be charged first month’s rent. Subsequent monthly rent is due 2 weeks before the next rental period begins. You will also receive emails to update you on the status of pending and completed payments. Hosts have the option to receive payouts via Venmo or Zelle.


Host - confirmed cancellations penalties?

If a host cancels a listing once a guest has checked in, monthly rent is forfeited.

Guest - confirmed cancellations penalties?

Confirmed bookings that are canceled by guest...

     more than 60 days     full refund

     30 - 60 days            50% refund

     < 30 days                no refund

Have another question?

Please ask it here and we will answer you promptly.

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