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The 6 Reasons to list your Sublease on Shack

Don't waste your time searching for a tenant! Let Shack do it for you.

How well do you know your different options to finding a sublease tenant (aka someone to sign your sublease)? Probably pretty well if you have considered these six groups!

Our goal is that this article gives you that 'Aha!' moment to list your place on Shack and start appealing to these 6 groups!

1. The Transfer Student

The first stop in your search to find a student sublease should be transfer students. Every year, students change their academic plans and need to relocate, so they begin their search for housing at another college campus. And at the same time, there are hundreds of students who need to find a sublease tenant, but overlook this simple solution to finding one. Transfer students are always swapping academic programs mid-year at inconvenient times when primary leases aren't readily available. By primary lease, we mean signing a contract with a landlord or property manager, instead of an approved student sublease.

According to the Department of Education, one out of every four college students will decide to transfer programs before graduating from a secondary institution. Hosts, make sure to include transfer students in your search for a sublease tenant.

2. The Early Graduate

What does it mean to sublease hosts that some college students graduate early? Sure it means that these kids are "academic weapons" and are most likely at the top of their class, but more importantly for you, it means that students don't want to dole out an entire year's rent. So they search for one semester subleases, rather than whole year ones. Take advantage of early graduates if you are looking to