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Talent & Recruitment

Talent & Recruitment


As a student founded and operated startup, we are always looking for exceptionally talented, energetic, passionate, and driven student partners who like to THINK BIG. Every student we hire instantly becomes a valued member of the Shack Family, and is equipped with tools to succeed. The Shack Team is a close knit group of peers, friends, and business partners. We all share the vision of empowering undergrad and graduate students across the U.S. and abroad with a way of staying connected, through community and relationships. Why apply? Being part of Shack means devoting yourself to something that unites all students, everywhere. Shack is an incredibly unique experience to be part of during your college or post-college years, having buy-in on the future of the company. 


If you believe your values align with those of the Shack Family, and that becoming a Shack Partner is for you, follow the link to our simple application.


We wish you the best!






Recruitment FAQs:


Do you need to be a student to apply? 


No. While anyone can apply to join the Shack team, if you are not currently a student, we will question your internal ambition for joining a student run company. A high degree of our new Shackers are students themselves, so you should be prepared to explain your willingness to work alongside students and what different perspectives you can contribute.


Are there any schools in particularly that Shack looks to hire from?


No. Currently, we are most focused on expanding at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. However, we are very interested in hiring campus ambassadors to tell the Shack story on their respective campus. Such positions at new schools are very valuable to us and can be lucrative if presenting the idea to a completely fresh student body. In terms of the other positions available, we encourage all applications, but are looking to hire for in-person functional teams. 


What is the time commitment?


Shack is looking for students to designate a significant time commitment to help grow the platform and its purpose to serve students. New businesses like Shack are living entities that needs to be consistent care and support to grow and thrive. We encourage students and industry professionals thinking about joining our team to consider this phrase before committing. The value in any of the below positions is that your voice with be heard unconditionally, and having such versatile startup experience is a tremendous value add to any student looking to grow in their current role, or gain experience to eventually switch roles. 


What positions can I hold as a member of the team?


Currently, we are looking for a wide range of roles. The entire list of positions at any given time could include the following:

Business Development: responsible for owning a vision, crafting strategy, and bringing actionable ideas to the table.

Campus Ambassador: responsible for student acquisition and platform expansion to new schools. Compensation is performance based 

Marketing Engineer: responsible for increasing visibility enriching students’ understanding of what we do (social media, blogging, campaigns, emails).

Software Developer: responsible for the ideation working with business development and implementation of new objectives.

Designer: responsible for internal creation and ideation of the Shack brand. Possesses a close working relationship with marketing.

Legal Counsel: responsible for serving as the liaison with external legal representation and proposing a legal growth strategy.

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